Resources for developing .Net Core on a Mac

VS Code aka @code has been a FANTASTIC addition in the race for awesome text editor + IDE for everything.  Thanks to the fact that it was built on Electron it works pretty much everywhere!  I’m a C# developer but I use a Mac Powerbook for my personal usage.  It’s not the most affordable or secure development environment but Apple still has the lead in terms of making great products that work well and look good doing it.  That being said, I’ve always had to use Parallels to run Windows VMs and have to allocate resources accordingly while putting up with a not so great experience when developing code.  Now at least I have the option of working with my Mac only when working with .Net Core projects courtesy of the tool set now available.  For those of you looking to start doing some .Net development here are a list of helpful links to help you get started:

As I go through the process I’ll try to do my best to document the various quirks or issues I run into while specifying what versions of the tools & libraries I’m using.  Hope this helps!